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The Beaufort Collection


In 1805 (the soon to be Rear Admiral) Sir Francis Beaufort devised a scale that related to the wind/sea state whilst at sea. These states started from zero (Calm sea like a mirror), to two (small wavelets etc.), all the way up to 13 (originally). This scale has evolved considerably, so that it now only relates to wind.

A tumbler was originally a small curved bottom vessel that... tumbled, but could not be pushed over. They were used on ships with the design ensuring that the drinking vessel would not overturn, irrespective of the sea state.

The finish of each of the hand raised Britannia silver and 22ct gold plated tumblers in this collection reflects the Beaufort scale – zero being perfectly flat and polished, or softly matt suggesting a sea fret depending on the clients preference.


For Buoys and Girls

Links and Chains

In The Drink

Plunge Right In

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